Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 24th September 2021



By using our services you are providing certain personal data to us. We only retain and use the personal data provided directly by you or for which it is clear that it has been supplied to us to be processed. Your privacy is of great importance to us. Therefore we process your personal data with the utmost care and in compliance with the requirements laid down by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will not provide any personal data to third parties without your permission. This privacy policy statement was last amended on the 24th of September 2021.

What data is collected

Information shared with a payment provider to process payments includes:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone
  • City/State/Zip
  • Unique payment identifier
  • Payment provider identifier

How our payment providers use the data

To better understand how our payment providers use and store the data shared with them, check their privacy policies directly:


In order to be able to offer you Klarna’s payment options, we will pass to Klarna certain of your personal information, such as contact and order details, in order for Klarna to assess whether you qualify for their payment options and to tailor the payment options for you.

General information on Klarna you can find here. Your personal data is handled in accordance with applicable data protection law and in accordance with the information in Klarna’s privacy policy.


We have a newsletter to inform those interested of our products. Your email address will be added to the list of subscribers with your explicit consent only. Each newsletter contains a link to unsubscribe from our newsletter.


Certain features of our services might require you to register beforehand. After your registration we will retain your user name and the personal data you provided so you do not have to re-enter it every time you visit our website, to contact you in connection with the execution of the agreement, invoicing and payment, and to provide an overview of the products and services you have purchased from us. We will not provide the data linked to your user name to third parties, unless it is necessary for the execution of the agreement you concluded with us or if this is required by law. In the event of suspicion of fraud or misuse of our website we may hand over personal data to the entitled authorities. To register on our website we require the following data:
• name and address
• email address


In order to provide you with optimum service we may use cookies. Cookies are small text files that can be read by a webserver in the domain that put the cookie on your hard drive. Cookies are used to store your preferences and settings, please read all about them below.

In order to provide you with optimum service we use cookies. Cookies are small text files that can be read by a web server in the domain that put the cookie on your hard drive. Cookies are used to store your preferences and settings. Below we have listed all the different cookies we use on our website.

This cookie makes sure you are logged in when you are a returning customer, that your shopping bag is saved or for example that you don’t have to fill in your personal details again when you don’t correctly fill them in the first time.

We don’t share your information with third parties. 


This cookie makes it possible to show you short Youtube videos on our website. We use these to show you fitmovies of our products and other relevant movies connected to ETQ.

Youtube shares your data anonymously with third parties. Privacy statement


Hotjar enables us to see where you click and how you use our website. This enables us to optimize our webpages and make your shopping experience as seamlessly as possible. All of the data captured and presented by this cookie is anonymous.

We don’t share your information with third parties. Privacy statement

Cookie bar

This cookie tracks whether you’ve accepted or declined the use of cookies on our website as well as if you’ve seen the notification at all. Without this cookie you would repeatedly get the cookie notification on our website and webpages.

We don’t share your information with third parties. 

Abandoned cart

We use the abandoned cart cookie to save the progress you’ve made in the process of buying and to help you recover your abandoned shopping cart.

We don’t share your information with third parties. 

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to see how you’ve came to visit our website and how you use it. We use this data to optimize our webshop and give you the best possible experience. Without this cookie we would miss out on your data which mean you will have to wait longer on improvements.

Google doesn’t share anonymous data with third parties. Privacy statement

Facebook Pixel

This cookie keeps track of what products you have seen. This way we can show you relevant product offers on Facebook. Without this cookie you will miss out on personal offers.

Facebook doesn’t share data with third parties. Privacy statement

Social Media Buttons

Our website features social media buttons. These buttons are used by the providers of these services to collect your personal data.

Third-party Websites

This statement is not applicable to third-party websites connected to this website through links. We cannot guarantee that these third parties will handle your personal data in a secure and careful manner. We recommend you read these websites’ privacy statements before making use of these websites.


We take security measures to reduce misuse of and unauthorised access to personal data. We do keep statistics on our website, giving us access to individual data. However, we only access individual data insofar as necessary for the purposes set out in this statement.

Your rights

Right to access:
At any time you have the right to request what personal information we hold on you. Please contact us via e-mail to provide you with your Personal information.

Right to portability:
You have the right to request a transfer of the personal data we own of you to another party of your choice.

Right to rectification:
You have the right to change or complete the personal data we own of you. You can do this yourself by logging in and changing the personal data we have stored on you.

Right to erasure:
You have the right to erase any personal data processed by us at any time except for the following situations
– you have an ongoing matter with Customer Service
– you have an open order which has not yet been shipped or partially shipped
– you have an unsettled debt with us, regardless of the payment method
– if you are suspected or have misused our services within the last four years
– if you have made any purchase, we will keep the neccesary personal data in connection to your transaction for bookkeeping rules

Your right to object to processing based on legitimate interest:
You have the right to object to processing of your personal data that is based on our legitimate interest. We will not continue to process the personal data unless we can demonstrate a legitimate ground for the process which overrides your interest and rights or due to legal claims.

Your right to object to direct marketing:
You have the right to object to direct marketing, including profiling analysis we make for direct marketing purposes.

You can opt out from direct marketing by unsubscribing which can be done via the link in the footer of every e-mail.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy please get in Contact with us