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I’m a UX Designer living and working in Manchester, United Kingdom. I am currently working on a wide variety of digital services. My interests are in building sustainable products and services that utilise new technologies, helping people live happier and healthier lives around technology.

From a young age I have been passionate about designing and building things that not only look nice but work well for the people using them. Whether thats digital experiences, websites, mobile apps, services or brands. I’m fortunate enough to have that be my day job. I tend to have an alarming amount of unfinished side projects i’m working on. This is mostly to help me develop my craft and experiment with new tech.

Most recently, I launched After Nine a non profit online radio station built in my spare time. The idea came about when I was searching for a site that plays music that is easy to work alongside, without annoying adverts, interruptions or stupid recommendations. After speaking with a few friends one night on FaceTime it seemed pretty obvious that a site like this needed building, So that Friday evening I decided to spend the weekend building it. After Nine is now an radio station that helps people discover underground artists from some of the biggest cities in the world. You can now stream After Nine anywhere at anytime from any device in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. So far we have just over 4000 monthly active listeners and growing.

I also have an Online Print Shop where I sell most of prints and posters day to day. If you have any questions about my prints or framing send me a DM me on Instagram or email.

I am always keen to collaborate on new projects both digital and physical. If you have any questions or and would like to grab a brew sometime hit me up via email or Twitter. ✌️



Keep in touch: @joshhdring





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