PREMIS ALÍCIAThe Catalan Academy of Music commissioned us to…

The Catalan Academy of Music commissioned us to design the new Alícia Awards, which award highlighted projects and promote the creative, artistic, cultural and social values of music. With Alicia they also wanted to pay tribute to one of the most universal Catalan pianists: Alicia de Larrocha. So we propose a logo that breaks down the two words into syllables, as if it were notes. It allows us to create 4 blocks of information that, by means of vertical lines that separate them, create a rectangular and orderly composition. The intention is to create a simplified representation of piano keys, where words, with the same number of letters, remind us of the black keys (flats and sharps).
Graphic system
We design a visual system by deconstructing the graphic elements belonging to the music world in a minimalist way to represent the taste, delicacy and personality of the brand. In this way we turn these symbols into something purely aesthetic and abstract to decontextualize the figure and create a new universe.

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