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My Book Reading List
For a while now I have been keeping a giant list of books that I want to read someday. I decided to spend an afternoon going through my reading list on Notion and pick just 20 books from the list that I am most excited about reading. I also thought by sharing them on a blog post I could share them with my friends and family. I originally got the inspiration to start a reading list after watching one of Ali Abdaal‘s YouTube videos on productivity. 
I have found the act of keeping a reading list to be extremely useful but also quite inspiring as it helps keep motivated on reading. I’m typically interested in design books, business books and self help books. If you also like reading books in these categories I hope you will enjoy my list below.


The Exciting Book List 

1. Change by Design  –  More Info
2. Good to Great  –  More Info
3. The 4-Hour Work Week  –  More Info
4. The Master Algorithm  –  More Info
5. Sapiens  –  More Info
6. Shoe Dog  –  More Info
7. Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life  –  More Info
8. Grid Systems in Graphic Design  –  More Info
9. The Visual History of Type  –  More Info
10. Dieter Rams: Ten Principles for Good Design  –  More Info
11. The Design of Everyday Things  –  More Info
12. Eames  –  More Info
12. Good Vibes, Good Life  –  More Info
13. DESIGN(H)ERS: A Celebration of Women in Design Today  –  More Info
14. How to Have Great Ideas: A Guide to Creative Thinking  –  More Info
15. Logotype  –  More Info
16. IBM – Graphic Design Guide from 1969 to 1987  –  More Info
17. Don’t Get a Job… Make a Job  –  More Info
18. Do Breathe  –  More Info
19. 100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design  –  More Info
20. Start With Why  –  More Info
It was actually really hard to choose just 20 books from my list as all of them tell a different story and deserve to be on this list. I will probably look at doing a more specific blog post in the future about self help books as I seem to have an alarming amount of them in my reading list. I hope you found this book list useful and it inspired you to create your very own reading list. I would love to hear your book recommendations and reviews so please leave them in the comments below.
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