Hi, I’m Josh Dring, a designer based in Manchester, United Kingdom. Focusing on solving complex problems, building sustainable products and services. Currently designing for @BBC. In my spare time I like hike in the mountains.

Here is a highlight of my work over the past few years. My portfolio is available upon request.

Reading List

Year Sort Sort Project Sort Sort Mission Status Sort Sort
2023 Let My People Go Surfing Completed
2023 Steve Jobs Completed
2023 American Dirt Not Started
2022 Start With Why Completed
2022 4 Hour Work Week Completed
2022 Shoe Dog Completed
2023 Jony Ive Ongoing
2023 Thinking Fast & Slow Paused
2022 The Intelligent Investor Completed
2022 User Friendly Not Started
2022 Start At The End Completed
2022 The Future Of Capitalism Completed
2023 Show Your Work Not Started